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Wings & Paws Reiki

Wings & Paws Reiki is a Reiki service for companion animals and their humans.

As a Reiki Master Teacher and huge animal lover, I am passionate about the wonderful benfits that Reiki can bring to both humans and their companion animals.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning 'universal life energy'.

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle system of natural healing. It is energetic in essence and works to bring the individual into balance, working on emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

Reiki is not a religion or belief system and so is open to all.

Reiki is helpful to reduce stress and anxiety and promotes relaxation whilst supporting healing.

Reiki practitioners channel this wonderful healing energy to the recipient during sessions in order to bring harmony and balance to the individual's body, spirit and life.

Reiki is helpful to all living beings, be they plants, humans or other animals.

Indeed, our companion animals can benefit from Reiki healing and are very receptive to it.

Animal Reiki Sessions.

All types of animals enjoy and benefit from Reiki.

Reiki is helpful for a wide range of issues. As beings who communicate and function on an energetic level so much more than humans, our companion animals are able to benefit greatly from Reiki.

During sessions, Reiki is given on the animal's terms. To start, Reiki will be sent remotely with the animal choosing if and when to approach for hands on healing. As well as being helpful for a range of issues, Reiki sessions are also beneficial to help your companion's general well-being, even if no illness or problems are present.

Animal Reiki sessions are suited to animals of any disposition as they are tailored to the individual animal.

If an animal, for whatever reason, is not happy with or suitable for hands on healing, energy can still be sent to and received by them during sessions without the need for physical contact. This can be suitable for shy or nervous animals or animals with behavioural issues.

Every animal Reiki session is on the animal's terms, making this a wonderful space of healing and growth for them.

I can also offer guidance on which flower remedies may be beneficial for your companion animals. These flower remedies are also available to buy from our well-being store.

It can often be that companion animals are not the only ones who can benefit from Reiki sessions and often their humans choose to benefit from this wonderful healing energy. As well as being of huge benefit to their human guardian's health and well-being, this can often further enhance the relationship between the two.

Whilst Reiki is not a substitute for medical or veterinary care, it can support and enhance other forms of treatment, be it conventional or complementary.

Contact us today for details. 07503457985.

Ways Reiki can help.......

  • Reduces stress and anxiety
  • Helps general well-being
  • Helps provide inner peace for emotional disturbances
  • Helpful with joint problems and arthritis
  • Can help animals who have suffered a bereavement
  • Can help animals who have experienced changes in home circumstance
  • Can help animals deal with previous ill-treatment
  • Can help calm and relax animals with terminal conditions
  • Can help animals be relaxed when there is a new arrival in the home
  • Therapeutic for elderly animals
  • Can help boost immune system
  • Can be helpful during periods of training

These are just some examples of the ways in which Reiki can help. Of course, there does not have to be an illness or situation that causes any distress for Reiki to be helpful...Reiki is a wonderful way to relax and balance and can be a wonderful and beneficial addition to you or your companion animal's well-being regime.

For details of how our Wings & Paws Reiki service can help you and/or your companion animal, do get in touch. 07503457985.

* Please note, it is always necessary to consult a vet prior to sessions if you are concerned about your companion animal's health. Reiki can complemement a variety of treatments but is not a replacement for veterinary care.