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Student Mentoring

Mentoring Service

University and college can be a challenging time. Changes due to Covid-19 are adding extra stress.

If you are experiencing issues such as anxiety, low mood, lack of concentration or other issues which interfere with your studies, this can make things even more challenging.

At Roots & Wings Therapies we have experience of mentoring students to help them cope with their workload and achieve their goals.

Our mentoring service can help students maximise their study potential. 

As a Specialist Mental Health Mentor, I have a good understanding of how various issues such as anxiety, disability and stress, amongst others, can affect an individual. This helps me to provide ongoing, quality, support to help students through their studies.

Roots & Wings Student Mentoring is a professional, friendly, bespoke service which supports you to achieve your goals.

We will work together to develop coping strategies and organisational skills. We will provide you with ongoing motivational help and support. Our mentoring service will be tailored to your specific requirements.

For full details of our mentoring service and to discuss your specific requirements, call us today on 07503457985.

Where will sessions be held?

Mentoring sessions take place via Skype or Zoom.

Being able to work remotely offers you the opportunity to fit in sessions at more convenient times for you.

Remote sessions also mean you can build your mentoring sessions into your study schedule. This can be particularly helpful during busy periods such as exam times!

Working remotely also means we can work with students nationwide.

For more details on how our mentoring service can help you and to book your sessions, call today on 07503457985.

Roots & Wings Therapies...your first step to a brighter tomorrow.

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