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Stress Management Package

Are you experiencing stress or do you have recurring episodes of stress?

Do you feel it is time for you to take control of your stress levels?

If so then our 'Stress Management Package' is for you.

Stress can have devastating impacts on our quality of life, affecting work, home, family and social aspects of our lives.

Being able to understand and manage stress will be hugely beneficial for you, helping you to get back on track and feel more in control.

At Roots & Wings Therapies we use our experience and a range of techniques to help you to understand stress and deal with it effectively.

Our 'Stress Management Package' includes four 70 minute sessions designed to give you the tools you need to manage your stress.

Sessions are tailored to you and right from the moment you book your journey begins.

You will benefit from coaching, counselling, holistic therapies and mindfulness techniques to help you to understand and combat your stress. You will also receive handouts to take away to further help you.

The 'Stress Management Package' also includes a 10% discount making it great value.

Our 'Stress Management Package' is perfect for individuals or businesses looking to support their employees.

For details and bookings contact us today! 07503457985.

Roots & Wings Therapies...your first step to a brighter tomorrow.