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Employee Development Workshops

At Roots & Wings Therapies we know how important it is for people to build their resilience and be better able to monitor and manage their own well-being.

As part of our employee support service, we provide your staff with a range of workshops which will enable them to better understand a number of issues which can impact on their well-being and learn tools to deal with them.

Each workshop lasts for three hours and enables your employees to gain an understanding of each particular issue and learn and practice ways of managing these issues.

Workshops are relaxed and informative and include handouts for participants to take away as well as all materials.

Participants have space to discuss ideas and explore their own experiences. This helps them to apply the things they learn to their own lives.

The workshops will help participants to be more aware of their own well-being meaning it will be easier for them to address any issues that may come up for them early. Having tools to deal with these can help prevent issues escalating too far, meaning your employees will be happier and healthier.

Workshops we provide include:


Stress Management




We also provide a more relaxing workshop perfect for the end of a stressful project or just as a way to relax whilst also helping to plan for the future. Our 'Vision Board' workshop is fun and enjoyable but also helps focus on what you may like to do next in terms of development.

Where will your workshop take place?

We have a number of options for you in terms of where your workshop will take place.

You can either attend at our warm and welcoming premises with easy access from across the region via car, train or bus.

We can also run your workshop in a beautiful natural setting surrounded by a lake and trees. Perfect to relax and enjoy the workshop.

We are also able to run workshops at your business premises. Please contact us for details.

For details and bookings please get in touch today! 07503457985

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