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How to look after your well-being during Covid-19 outbreak.

These are unprecedented times. The worry surrounding Covid-19, along with worry resulting from the effects of the virus on all of our lives is natural.

It is OK to feel scared. It is OK to feel worried. You will not be alone with these feelings. They are a natural response.

We cannot control some things, but we can exercise some control over how we cope with the situation.

It can help to focus on the things we can do rather than the things we cannot do.

This is a time when we can get creative over the way we live our lives. How we keep things going. How we stay connected even if we are apart.

In order to slow the spread of the virus, we are all having to exercise social distancing. Some people are practicing self-isolation. This is very important and will help protect everyone as much as possible. However, it can be difficult. We are a social species. We all have the need to connect with others in some way, at some time. Of course, everyone is individual and people have varying needs for social interaction. But the process of socially isolating is going to take some adjustment.

In order for us to stay healthy and well during this time, it is important we look after both our physical and mental well-being. Below are some ideas of how we may be able to look after our well-being over the coming months. But you can think of your own too!

Stay connected

It may be that we cannot physically be with our friends and family but there are other ways to keep in touch! Make sure that you stay in contact with loved ones be it via telephone, technology such as Skype, or even texts and e-mails. Keeping in touch is going to be beneficial for you and them. It can help combat loneliness – especially for those who live alone – and can reduce stress. Chat, laugh catch-up, enjoy each other’s company!

Make good use of technology

If you have not been one for technology before, now is a good time to update your skills!

As well as being a useful way to stay in touch with friends and family, there are many ways we can occupy ourselves using technology. Whether it be online crossword puzzles or chess, or using computer games – whatever your tastes, there will be something for you. The positive thing is that much of it is free! Get thinking about the things you enjoy!

Slow down

Although the reason we are having to change our lives is far from positive, we can use this time to re-think the way we do things. Slow down, take stock. Do things you may have been too busy for before. If you are home with family, spend time with them. Get out board games to play together, Cook together. Eat together. Talk to each other. If you are home alone, take time to call friends and family. Rest. Cook yourself nice meals that you don’t usually have time to cook. Think about the things you like to do and take the time to do them. We can use this time to reassess and make positive changes in our lives.

Get creative

Art, crafting, knitting, sewing and other creative pursuits are a perfect way to help us to feel more relaxed. If you have a creative interest you enjoy but don’t usually have as much time for as you would like, now is a good time to do more of it! If you have not tried them before, now is a good time to start!

Learn something new

Whether it be a new language, a new recipe, or something else, having some extra time at home is the perfect opportunity to learn a new skill! This will help to keep your brain active, give you a positive focus and also give you something to talk to loved ones about when you Skype them! You may also wish to explore Mindfulness as this can be a great way to enhance your well-being and your coping techniques.Get thinking about what you would like to learn and get learning!

Spend time on your hobbies – or find new ones

Now is a perfect opportunity to spend time on the things you love but don’t usually have as much time for. It is also a great time to find new interests! Whether it is building your family tree, writing poetry, DIY, whatever sparks your interest. Occupying your time in positive and enjoyable ways will help keep you relaxed and healthy.

Engage with Nature

Nature is incredibly healing. Having some time outside is good for our physical and mental well-being. A garden could be a safe way for you to get this outside access. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, now is a great time to make use of it. Gardening for wildlife is a great way to bring Nature to you!

If you do not have a garden, try growing some plants indoors or getting a window bird feeder! Looking at pictures of Nature online or in books can also have a calming effect.

Travel from the comfort of your home!

If you enjoy travelling, or have always wanted to, then despite the current circumstances you can still see the world…virtually! There are some great online virtual tours of famous tourist spots etc online. And they are free! Try some armchair travelling!

Keep active – or get active!

Just because we cannot get to the gym and cannot get out and about, it does not mean we can’t stay active. Think of exercise you can do at home, find online fitness classes (there are many free ones popping up to help people at this time), garden if you have one! Always remember to stick to exercise that is appropriate for your health and fitness level. But keeping moving is important for our physical and mental well-being. And alongside this, eat well. Eating well is so important.

There are many ways we can look after ourselves and others at this difficult time. These are just some ideas but you can get thinking of your own!

Look after yourself, be mindful of others and stay safe!

Just a note – our sessions, courses and workshops are available remotely via video link and other mediums.