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Reiki for New Mums

Becoming a mum, whilst a wonderful and magical experience, also comes with it's stresses and strains.

Pregnancy and giving birth mean many changes for a mother's body and these changes can leave mothers feeling an imbalance.

The changes associated with becoming a mother are not only physical and the process can leave a feeling of imbalance both emotionally and physically.

Those first few weeks while mum adjusts physically, emotionally and psychologically can be tiring and stressful.

Reiki is a powerful yet gentle system of natural healing. By creating a deep relaxation it helps the body to heal and move towards optimum health.

Reiki can help new mothers on many levels.

Physically Reiki can help with a faster recovery from labour and can also be beneficial for mothers who have experienced a cesarean section or a difficult birth by promoting healing. Reiki is a natural healing system which enhances the body's innate healing ability. It works well alongside all treatments be they complementary or conventional.

Reiki also helps on emotional levels. By gently yet effectively clearing any energy blockages, Reiki helps us to process our thoughts and emotions. Reiki treatments are deeply relaxing and calming and can be helpful in reducing stress.

Reiki is a wonderful way to make a wonderful time even better by helping new mothers to heal and balance both physically, emotionally and psychologically.

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