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New Mum Package

Becoming a new mother is a wonderful experience!

It can also be tiring and emotional. It can be hard for new mums to think about taking care of themselves as they adjust to their new role but taking care of themselves is very important.

Our new mum package provides a supportive, relaxing space for new mums to adjust themselves, heal their bodies and relax. It makes a great gift for new mothers and gift vouchers are available.

Becoming a new mother has both physical and emotional impacts and our 'New Mum Package' is designed to help on all levels.

The wonderful package includes one 'Relax & Restore' relaxation session; three one hour Reiki sessions; one ceramic oil burner and one 10ml bottle of our wonderful, vegan friendly 100% pure essential oils of your choice. 

Our 'Relax & Restore' sessions are tailored to you and you will leave feeling more relaxed and with tailored tips to manage stress or anxiety. They are wonderfully relaxing and restorative.

Reiki sessions are comforting, calming and deeply relaxing...just what a new mum needs!

Reiki helps to ease the transition for new mothers and promotes physical healing as well as balancing on emotional and psychological levels.

Another wonderful advantage of Reiki is that it can help to ease anxiety and stress, helping you to feel more in control and so much calmer.

Our wonderful essential oils each have their own unique properties and all you need to do is put a tealight in the bottom of our ceramic oil burner, put a little water in the top, along with a few drops of the oil and the wonderful aroma of the essential oil will fill the room allowing you to benefit from the wonderful properties of the 100% pure essential oil. 

This package then provides the ultimate relaxation for new mothers...both during sessions and when they get home.

Booking the package means you are making a saving of 11% making it great value too!

For details, bookings and gift vouchers contact us today! 07503457985.

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