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Assertiveness Course

The way you think about and value your needs and the way you communicate with others can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. If you are not communicating in an effective way it can impact negatively on many areas of your life including your self-esteem; your work or academic life and your relationships.

Assertiveness is a communication style which allows you to respect your own needs and the needs of others and can be very beneficial in helping you to live the life you want.

Some of the benefits of building your assertiveness skills include:

  • Increased happiness;
  • Increased well-being;
  • Increased self-esteem;
  • Reduced anxiety.

Our Assertiveness Course is a wonderful way to understand and enhance your communication style. Whilst our Assertiveness Workshop runs over one day and builds your assertiveness skills, our Assertiveness Course runs over five one-to-one one hour sessions.

The course is more suited to you if you wish not only to develop your assertiveness skills, but to go deeper into understanding how your current communication style developed and how to incorporate your newly developed assertiveness skills into particular areas of your life.

The sessions are tailored to you and give you ongoing support as you implement your new skills.

It is a positive and empowering course and helps you to blossom and grow.

Some areas covered in the course include:

What is assertiveness and myths around assertiveness

How to think more assertively

How to behave more assertively

How to reduce tension

How to deal with different situations more assertively.

The course can help increase your confidence, improve relationships and reduce anxiety.

There is also the option to take this course as a distance learning option using a combination of skype and email. Please contact us for details.

Next distance learning course begins Friday 10th April 2020!

     For bookings and enquiries contact us today! 07503457985.

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