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Introduction to Crystal Grids Workshop

Our 'Introduction to Crystal Grids Workshop' is an enjoyable way to begin working with these wonderful gifts from Mother Earth.

Crystals each have their own energies and properties and when we work with Crystal Grids we harness these wonderful energies in order to effect positive change in our lives or the lives of those we love.

During the workshop we will get to know the crystals we will be working with, their properties and benefits.

We will be introduced to Crystal Grids and how they work as well as the different types of grids we can use.

We will also experience setting up two types of crystal grids.

Each workshop lasts for one hour forty-five minutes and is a fun and enjoyable way to begin working with Crystal Grids.

You will leave with enough knowledge to begin building your own grids and begin exploring more about them.

Price includes manual and refreshments.

Workshops are run in our warm and welcoming premises boasting private onsite parking and close proximity to bus stops and mainline train station.

There are lovely cafes and a pub close by in case you wish to carry on your enjoyable day afterwards!

Contact us today to book!

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